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80% of jobs that will be available in 2030 do not exist today, that’s just 10 years with most of these new jobs coming from he tech market.


Tech is becoming more of necessity and we want help equip your child with the right skills

The Benefit Of Learning To Code

  • Coding helps your child improve their maths skills 

  • It helps expand your child's creativity side

  • Coding improves your child’s problem-solving skills

  • It’s a rare skill only 0.5% of the population know how to code

  • It's something your child will have a lot of fun learning 

  • Coding is a universal language 

  • Improves overall academic performance

  • Kids learn faster than adults, the younger they start the easier it is for them to learn


What Happy

Students &

Parents Say

My son is 11 years old and has learnt about HTML and CSS in a one on one coding class. Step by step with his tutor he has learnt how to build his own website which he loves and has fun doing. I would recommend all parents get their children equipped with the knowledge of how to to code, especially in this time of advancing new technology.

- Angela


Tutoring Course

Web Development

Tutoring Options

Our monthly program for kids aged 9 - 16 targets a new subject each month to build up well rounded coding skills. Beginners learn HTML, CSS, & Javascript, the building blocks of the internet to create their very own personal website. They have full creative control.

Online One on One Lessons:

We are DBS checked tutors and deliver our 70-minute long one to one lessons over zoom at a time that's convenient to you.

All that’s required is a laptop and internet connection to get started

Price: £207

4 Lessons per month

Join our Study Group

Taking GCSE or A-level computing or do you have a burning question about a tech subject? 

Join our study group, where all can be answered and explained! 

Every second Wednesday of the month. 

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